University Network
for Human Rights

The University Network for Human Rights provides undergraduate students at universities across the country and beyond with opportunities to learn and engage in closely-supervised human rights factfinding, documentation, and advocacy that centers the voices of directly affected communities and supports social justice movements.  


If you are an undergraduate student:

The University Network will train you in human rights fact-finding, documentation, and advocacy and provide you with opportunities to engage in hard-hitting, high-impact human rights work.

If you are a university educator in the US:

The University Network will provide structured opportunities for students at your institution to channel their interest in human rights into practical, experiential learning with renowned experts.

If you are a university educator outside the US:

The University Network will work together with you to develop interdisciplinary experiential learning programs in human rights at your institution, facilitate opportunities for your students to engage in human rights advocacy, and learn from your expertise to jointly promote social justice.


“I traveled to Cancer Alley, Louisiana along with thirteen other undergraduates. We worked closely with a community suffering the effects of environmental racism. The University Network gave me an unparalleled opportunity to do real human rights work.”

—Noam, University Network participant


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